Juju Wings

Hello Friends!

A longing call to all the people who have been in one’s life, to all the good times spent together and to the search for new connections - a sonic journey that meanders on the sobering realization that, as individuals, we are truly alone.

The Wonder

A sparse twisted contrast between grand piano stabs and broken synthesizers sitting on top of a bold groovy rhythm section about the incredulous natural phenomenon which surround us which we take for granted every day.

Escapsim 101

A dreamy, poppy, whimsical calling to an unspecified partner to enlist on an adventure. The sampled ambient tones & high-pitched melodies combine to convey a departure from real-life; inviting the listener to reminisce over past pleasures and to experience new memories together.

Seagull Republic

The first song taken from the forthcoming album is called Seagull Republic. A mosquito-glam stomper twisting wired guitars sounds over a vintage string section with lyrics inspired by a compelling sense of vagabondage - but describing a fictional journey from the consciousness to a paradise.

"One of my favourite songs i've heard this year - genuinely a brilliant bit of music"

- Paul Wright, All Shook Up

(I'm not a king...) Or Anything

The debut album from 2016 was released exclusively in digital format.

Hello Friends! Promo clip

We recorded a few clips of each other during the recording process and put them all together in a multi-media montage. Some scenes from Ty Drwg, Grangetown and some in Aeriel Studios, west Wales.

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